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27 Jul

photo by Ray Faass

We’re still posting pictures from the show.  See the PHOTOS and MORE PHOTOS links.  Fifty new photos were posted this morning and we still have another seventy-five to go!!  Stay tuned.

And here’s a note from Ms. Adrian:

Kary is the one who constructed this blog. In the evening, in our hotel room, after working all day on the play she would post photos. Now that we are home, she’s kept right on going! To all of you who received her big thank you, I can only say, she speaks for both of us.

And she is so right, we miss all of you, big-time! We know Project Impact closes its doors for the summer soon.  Have a great rest of the summer, and never forget, no matter how many times “Crossing Jordan” is performed, you are the originals, and you’ve set the bar high for anyone who follows in your footsteps.

Thanks a million!




25 Jul

photo by Ray Faass

Our time in Apalachicola has come to a close.  After two rousing performances and a week with our favorite kids, we had to say goodbye.  A big thank you to the kids for working so hard and for being the faces, voices, and presence of the characters in the premiere.  You’ll always be remembered for launching the show and proving that we could have fun doing it.  We’ll miss you something fierce!

Thank you to the parents and families of those hard-working kids.  You got them to the rehearsals.  You helped find costumes and learn lines.  We hope you were the proudest, seeing your kids on stage.  Bravo!

A special note of thanks to the adults involved in the production: Ron, Tara, Elinor, Miss Liz, Mario, and Randy.  You filled so many roles: stage crew, cheerleaders, teachers, maintenance crew, set and prop managers, costume and make-up, sound engineers, tech crew  … the list could go on and on.  But above all, you provided friendship and support to us “northerners,” come from Tallahassee, riding on hope that the show would come together.  You were the human face of every miracle tossed our way.  We’ve said it before but it bears repeating, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Thank you to Faye Johnson, Director of Project Impact, Apalachicola, whose idea this was in the first place.  Faye hosted us, handled lots of logistics, and kept us convinced that “the show would go on.”

Thank you to everyone who came to see the production, whether from near or far.  Without an audience, we wouldn’t have had much of a show.  But you were more than that, your applause and laughter kept us going.

Our sincerest appreciation to Mayor Van Johnson for providing the sound equipment, Betty Webb, Apalachicola city staff, and all of the staff at Project Impact.

For permission to adapt Crossing Jordan for the stage, we acknowledge Peachtree Publishers of Atlanta, Georgia.

Premier performance | Friday, July 22nd @ 7pm, Apalachicola

22 Jul

Here's the poster from Project Impact

Press release | July 12, 2011

22 Jul

Local Author’s Book Produced as a Musical Play

The award-winning children’s novel, Crossing Jordan is being produced as a musical play that will premier to the general public on July 22nd in the historic Chapman Auditorium in Apalachicola, Florida.

The book, written by Tallahassee author Adrian Fogelin and published worldwide, is a sensitive portrayal of racial conflict in a Tallahassee neighborhood. “I was inspired to write this book when the 9 year old girl next door told me her family was moving away because there were getting to be too many black people in the neighborhood,” the author explains.

Crossing Jordan was adapted as a play for students from Project Impact, a 21st Century Community Learning Center program in Apalachicola. The stage production will be directed by the author and her theatrical collaborator, Tallahassee educator Kary Kublin, with assistance from Liz Sisung of the Frannklin County Take-two Players and musician Mario Pugh.

The performance features Adrian Fogelin as herself, songs by Craig Reeder and Kary Kublin, and Franklin county students portraying the major dramatic and musical roles.

Faye Johnson, the director of Project Impact says, “Crossing Jordan has a very special message and the play brings it to life in the faces of our students.  The musical score couldn’t be beat on Broadway!  We are thrilled to be a part of presenting this for the very first time and know that the audience will have a wonderfully inspiring and entertaining experience.”

“Crossing Jordan, the Play” will be performed on Friday, July 22 at 7 PM in the Chapman Auditorium at 155 Avenue E, Apalachicola, Florida.

Admission is free.  For more information, call 850-370-0145 or check out the blog online.

Project Impact provides academic enrichment opportunities for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low performing schools.  Support comes from the City of Apalachicola and the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, Florida Department of Education.

Getting into character & dress rehearsal

21 Jul

Dressed on their Sunday best

How'd they get so cute?

The two narrators

"She's a monsoon, your sister."

Paying attention to details

Here's someone who likes cemeteries

thanks for the memories


Our first audience

More rehearsal pics

20 Jul

Cass on a break before the dress rehearsal (photo by Jamarie)

The multi-talented Mrs. Bodine (photo by Jamaire)

Miss Liz (photo by Jamaire)

back stage with Jemmie, Mr. G, and Mrs. Lewis

Guess who (photo by Jamarie)

A character takes shape

Photos from Project Impact rehearsals

19 Jul

Andy and LouAnne exchange some choice words

Mr. G the U.S.A. store owner predicts a monsoon

What's for dinner?

The man with magic in his fingers

Check back.  We’ll post more photos soon.